Two technologies which complement one another

Combining the technology of engraving with that of laser cutting is undoubtedly the winning weapon to be able to create services and products with very complex particular details at the level of graphics and thus be able to satisfy all our customers’ requests.

For this reason, the combination of laser cutting and engraving is ideal for offering very high-quality solutions, thanks to the perfect combination of laser precision and complex chemically engraved geometries.

Steel and other metals that can be used in laser cutting

The laser cutting and engraving technique can be used on a variety of metal types, including:

Laser cutting and engraving is a High-precision technology

The first phase of processing is that of the downside, or chemical shearing, followed by that of cutting the perimeters and other details through the technology of laser cutting which guarantees absolute precision (up to 0.05 mm) thanks to the sophisticated optical centring system with which it is equipped.

The benefits of precison laser cutting and photochemical milling

Combination cutting encompasses the advantages of both technologies; in particular:

  • extreme precision guaranteed by the optical centring system which guarantees making the two processes perfectly thrust together. A very high level of precision is crucial in specific sectors such as microelectronics.
  • versatility and flexibility of photoengraving technology
  • a clean cut and engraving accuracy thanks to laser technology
  • reduction of equipment costs and less processing time: the main processing activity is performed through photoengraving and then only the necessary details are defined by laser cutting
  • ability to accurately customise the product depending on the customer’s expectations and particular needs

Customize your project with this combined technique

Thanks to the laser cutting technique, it is possible to eliminate all those constraints that are dragged behind the traditional production processes, which lengthen both costs and production times. The greater precision of laser cutting makes it possible to make projects with a high degree of difficulty and freedom of realization a reality.
Thanks to the combination of laser cutting with the chemical photoengraving technique, there are no longer any limits to the depth of engraving, reaching even 3 mm in depth.