Laser cutting steel

Main features of steel

Laser cutting of steel allows this material to be processed in many ways, which also vary according to its properties and characteristics.

Steel is an alloy consisting of iron, chromium (present at least for 10.5%) and carbon; in addition, other elements can be added, such as molybdenum and nickel. Therefore, there is not just one steel, but rather several families, which nevertheless share numerous distinctive features starting from the resistance to corrosion caused by the presence of chromium, which creates a thin patina of bone that protects the material from the erosive action of oxygen and external agents. Furthermore, if this patina – called passive film – is torn, it recreates itself.

Chimimetal and steel processing

The laser cutting of steel is performed in a processing range between 0.4 mm and 3.00 mm thick, as for brass processing, and allows for extremely precise objects to be obtained. This perfect result in terms of precision occurs thanks to the transmission of the energy beam directly from the diodes and fiber cables in a short wavelength.

Final products

Thanks to the steel laser cutting technique, Chimimetal is able to produce a wide range of final products in all sectors: from mechanical, electronic parts, car door sills, car hi-fi system grilles for the automotive industry to design objects such as license plates, temples and fronts for glasses, encoder discs, e-type to imprint watermarks on paper, lamps, business cards, plates, displays.

In addition, we work aluminum for everyday objects such as bookmarks, business cards and filters for coffee machines.