Laser cutting copper

Main features of copper

Thanks to the laser cutting of copper it is possible to fully exploit the numerous potential that this material offers, which stands out for its malleability and versatility of use.

Widely used in the metallurgical industry, copper, whose melting point is 1083 ° C, is also an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and, for this reason, it is often used for the construction of thermal and electrical systems.

Copper undergoes oxidation, a process following which the metal changes color, forming verdigris.

Copper is found in many everyday items, from electronic devices to household appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators. Copper is also widely used in the automotive sector: inside the vehicles, in fact, there are many copper cables that convey electricity to all the parts of the car that need it, for example for the operation of the headlights but also of windows or doors.

Chimimetal and copper processing

Through laser cutting it is possible to work copper in many different ways, compared to materials such as bronze. The laser cutting technique of copper performed by Chimimetal takes place within a narrower processing range that varies between 0.4 and 1.5 mm depth: all this always through the transmission of the energy beam directly from the diodes and fiber cables which ensures reduced wavelength, ensuring better absorption of the beam of the processed and cut material.

Final products

Chimimetal produces finished materials of the highest quality and machining precision through the processing of copper with the laser cutting technique. Our know-how with copper translates into the creation of electronic contacts, E-type to imprint watermarks on paper and mechanical details.