Laser cutting aluminium

Main features of aluminium

From a physical, chemical and mechanical point of view, aluminum is a material similar to steel, brass, copper, zinc, lead and titanium and, like all these materials, it can be processed in many ways. The laser cutting of aluminum can be processed in several areas, expressing all the characteristics and peculiarities of this material.

Among the advantages that aluminum offers we can include:

  • lightness: with a specific weight of only 2.7 gr / cm3 (about one third of steel), aluminum has various uses. In the automotive sector, for example, aluminum components of vehicles make it possible to reduce energy consumption and, at the same time, increase the load capacity;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • thermal and electrical conductivity, which is even better than the one of copper. Thi is a feature that has made aluminium one of the most popular options for the construction of energy transmission lines;
  • ability to reflect light; it is also used for making rescue blankets;
  • ductility, which allows maximum workability of the material, in different shapes and contexts;
  • resistance to low temperatures;

Thanks to aluminium laser cutting it is also possible to realize the many other advantages that this material guarantees, such as waterproofing, lack of odor and non-toxicity.

Chimimetal and aluminuim processing

The processing of aluminum using the laser cutting technique performed by Chimimetal takes place through the transmission of the energy beam that comes directly from the diodes and fiber cables. This process can be performed on this specific material in a machining range between 0.5 mm and 3.00 mm in depth. The precision of this specific technique allows the cut to have a reduced wavelength, favoring an assortment of the best aluminum beam.

Final products

The laser cutting of aluminum carried out by Chimimetal allows the creation of finished products capable of satisfying various fields of industry application. In particular, the know-how of our company extends to the creation of sophisticated objects such as heat sinks, plates, gobos for lighting, filters, car door sills.