Laser cutting titanium

Main features of titanium

To perform laser cutting of titanium it is necessary to know its characteristics and properties. In this regard, it should be emphasized that this metal – relatively “new” since it was discovered in 1790 and used in industry only shortly before the 1950s – has numerous advantages. Starting with abundance: titanium, in fact, is the fourth (in terms of quantity) metal existing on Earth and the ninth element in terms of use in industry, preceded only by widely used materials, such as iron or steel. ‘aluminum.

Laser cutting of titanium is also performed bearing in mind another very important feature that distinguishes this metal, namely biocompatibility, a feature that makes it extremely versatile and the subject of numerous research and development studies.

Titanium also has other important advantages, including:

  • resistance, at least three times higher than aluminum;
  • lightness, which makes it perfect both for making machinery components and for obtaining easily portable objects;
  • resilience against corrosion;
  • aesthetics: an aspect not to be underestimated, since it makes titanium usable also in the world of design;
  • flexibility

Titanium is marketed on the basis of four grades of classification: commercially pure titanium, alpha alloys, b alloys and alpha + B alloys, which differ from each other in terms of strength and usability.

Chimimetal and titanium processing

Laser cutting of titanium is performed in the Chimimetal plants in Biella within a processing range that varies between 0.4 mm and 1.2 mm in depth. The titanium fiber cutting process is performed through the transmission of the energy beam directly from the diodes and fiber cables. Thanks to this specific processing technique, the cut manages to have a reduced wavelength which favors the best absorption of the beam of the material that has been processed and cut.

Final products

Through the processing of titanium using the laser cutting technique, Chimimetal is able to create finished products of the highest quality and machining precision in all sectors: from the most sophisticated design objects to materials useful in specialized sectors such as that of medical components.

As far as design objects are concerned, Chimimetal’s know-how in the laser cutting of titanium lies mainly in the creation of temples and fronts for glasses, made in combination with the photoengraving technique to create more sophisticated details and decorations with a depth of engraving. of maximum 0.05 mm.