Laser cutting brass

Main features of brass

Laser cutting of brass is an operation to be carried out starting from a deep knowledge of the characteristics and properties of this material. First of all, it should be noted that brass is an alloy, mainly composed of copper and zinc, in varying proportions depending on the type of brass to be produced.

Another material found in brass is lead, usually in a concentration that does not exceed 2%; the addition of lead is useful for improving the workability of brass which is often compared to gold, given its resemblance to the precious metal.

The laser cutting of brass allows a very wide use: this alloy, in fact, is used in various sectors of industry and crafts. Some components of musical instruments are made of brass, but also the shells of firearms, decorative objects for home furnishings, pipes and screws.

Brass is also an “ecological” material, in a way that processing waste can be completely reused. Brass also ensures low energy consumption thanks also to its high thermal conductivity. Not to be forgotten are the mechanical characteristics of brass, which can be equated with – if not even exceed – those of good quality structural steel.

Chimimetal and brass processing

Chimimetal performs the laser cutting of brass in a processing range ranging from 0.4 mm to 3 mm in depth. From a technical point of view, the brass fiber laser cutting process takes place through the transmission of the energy beam directly from the diodes and fiber cables.

The advantages of this type of processing lie in the fact that the cut has a reduced wavelength which allows better absorption of the beam of the cut material.

Final products

Through the processing of brass using the laser cutting technique, Chimimetal is able to create finished products of the highest quality and processing precision in all sectors: from everyday objects to the most sophisticated design objects such as bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, fashion plates, electronic contacts, mechanical parts, modeling, lamps, plates, allegorical masks, displays.